Christian Liljegren, known for his work in Narnia and Divinefire started up Audiovision during 2003 as his solo project.


The first album The Calling was released in late 2004 in Europe and Japan, and it was produced by Lars Chriss [Lion’s Share, Road to Ruin].

The guest list on The Calling featured among others Bruce Kulick [Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad], Jeff Scott Soto [W.E.T., Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey], Mic Michaeli [Europe], Tony Franklin [Blur Murder, Whitesnake] and Mats Levén [Treat, At Vance, Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen].


In 2009 Christian decided to form a full touring and recording band with members from Modest Attraction, Veni Domine & Grand Stand.

During 2009 the first shows were played in Sweden, Norway and Germany, and in the summer 2009 Audiovision started to record their second album Focus with producer Erik Mårtensson [W.E.T., Eclipse] overseeing the work.


In January 2010 Audiovision joined Stryper [US] on the European leg of their 25th anniversary tour, and played shows in both Germany and Sweden. The 2nd album called Focus was released in April in Europe and in Japan, December 2010.

AUDIOVISION is now put on hold and all members are involved in different bands ad projects.



Christian Liljegren - Vocals

Torbjörn Weinesjö - Guitars

Olov Andersson - Keyboards

Simeon Liljegren - Bass

Thomas Weinesjö - Drums



The Calling



The Calling KICP-1048


The Calling RRCD019 (2005)

The Calling Metalheaven 000007

GERMANY (2005)

The Calling


Track Listing

1. The Calling

2. The King Is Alive

3. Evil Or Divine

4. The Rock Of My Soul

5. Read Between The Lines

6. Face To Face

7. Show Me The Way

8. Love Is Like Oxygen

9. Hold Me

10. Colors

11. Power From The Sky Demo 2000 (Japanese bonus track)



Focus ULTCD014 (2010) Ulterium Records

Focus KICP-1499 (2010)



Track Listing

01. Invitation

02. Keep the Fire Burning

03. We Are Not Alone 

04. The Son Will Come

05. You Are the Reason

06. Fruit of Love

07. We Will Go

08. I Will Belong to You

09. The Way

10. The Gate

11. Focus

12. Are You Ready ( JP bonus)