Starting out as a death/thrashmetal band back in 1995, Oblivion has evolved to become one of the major metalcore bands rising up from the Swedish underground. Influences are drawn from Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah and the likes.


The band was formed in 1995 by bjoern (g), johan (b) and franz (d). back then we played covers from bands like Deliverance, Die Happy and Seventh Angel.


Pretty soon we changed drummer to Haakon, gained another guitarist in Jimmie (Bjoern's and Johan's cousin). Bjoern wrote a couple of songs that we practiced together with the cover material. Bjoern left the band to play with Leiny and Petter put on his guitar and joined the band.


In 1996 Johan were away studying the bible in Stockholm and we got Hubertus Liljegren as a stand in. Until this point we haven't had any singer. Where could we find one?


We tried with Mattias (Moll Flanders) but the great voice he had didn't suite the style of music we played. Then Jonas joined us and we recorded our first demo in studio in 1998. after that we wrote a couple of new songs with a touch of Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah and Sepultura.


Somewhere around this time Petter left the band for Crimson Moonlight and Ulf (Defaid) took his place for a while. then Bjoern rejoined but as a guest star in the band, Jonas left his place for Samuel in 1999.


A full-length studio album was released in 2002 by Christian Liljegren’s label C.L Music & Publishing and we were involved on Power From The Sky CD/Video as well.


Line Up

Haakon Sjöqvist - drums

Jimmie Isacsson - guitar

Johan Isacsson - bass

Samuel emtlind – vocals



bjoern - leiny

martin - narnia

ulf - defaid


CLCD006 (2002)

Released 15th of march 2002


Track listing:

1. pain in pain out

2. faith

3. renewal of our minds

4. i.d.w.

5. how could you

6. why

7. sovereign god

8. get away

9. redeemed

10. reject (living sacrifice cover)

11. cleansing cleaning