The music & mission of BLOODGOOD has been a vital stepping stone & driving force in the maturing process of Christian Metal since their 1986 debut release.

Platinum-selling sophomore record "Detonation" strengthened the band's signature style of theatrics, power & emotion - staples that would solidfy their place in rock music history.

BLOODGOOD's music has been released all over the world, spanning 6 studio albums & 7 official live releases in their discography with their 7th studio record releasing this November. In 2010,

BLOODGOOD was inducted into the CHRISTIAN MUSIC HALL OF FAME for their influential contributions to the music industry thus far.

"In the Trenches of Rock and Roll," a feature length documentary film about BLOODGOOD's story is slated for release in 2014.

Dangerously Close

Dangerously Close


1  Lamb Of God
02  Run Away
03  Child On Earth
04  I Will
05  Bread Alone
06  Pray
07  I Can Hold On
08  Run The Race
09  Father Father
10  Man In The Middle
11  Crush Me
12  In The Trenches