PARAKLETOS from FINLAND are filed under Christian extreme metal. PARAKLETOS shows a great combination of aggressive extreme metal mixed with very melodic and mighty keyboards. The album “Offerlammets Makt” by PARAKLETOS continue the new wave of great metal bands from SCANDINAVIA. The album are filled with great riffs, hooks and beautiful melodies with strong Scandinavian roots:


Fans of extreme metal bands like Crimson Moonlight, Antestor, Cradle Of Filth & Dimmu Borgir will totally fall in love with this album. Ultrafast drums, growling vocals, beautiful keyboards and melodic symphonic guitarlines. PARAKLETOS is here to deliver a great debut album with lots of power and energy!!!


Offerlammets Makt

RRCD016 (2004)


Tracking Listing:

1. Ut I Frostnattens Mörker

2. Se Guds Lamm

3. Frestelsen

4. Fader Vår

5. Äktenskapsbryterskan

6. Nattvarden – Herrens Måltid

7. I Denna Mörka Timma

8. Skapelsens Krona

9. Smärtornas Väg

10. Tordönstämman I Dödsriket

11. Uppståndelsen

12. Den Eviga Morgonen Gryr