Majestic Vanguard

Majestic Vanguard is a Christian melodic metal band from Sweden.

In the early 90's brothers Andreas and Samuel Andersson joined a rock

band in Falköping, Sweden. Amongst that bands ranks they also found drummer Daniel Eskilsson. But after recording 2 demos, the band broke up in 1995. The members lost contact, but accidentally run into each other some years later.


They decided to give it a new go, and practiced together as a 3 piece. In 2003 they added singer Peter Sigfridsson to the ranks, and while he was a stranger to metal, his voice worked perfect in with the bands melodic metal approach. One of the best melodic metal singers Sweden have seen and heard so far


This first incarnation of the band called themselves Divine Disciples. In 2004 they recorded a demo, and sent it to Rivel Records. They immediately showed interest, and the band singed a contract with them.


In light of this deal they decided to include one more member, and guitarist Johan Abelson joined. They also changed their name to Majestic Vanguard in 2005. The band has a mix of epic, symphonic and progressive elements in the music, but usually stands under the banner of Power Metal.


In 2005 their highly acclaimed debut album “Beyond the Moon” was released. The album was also licensed to labels in Germany & Russia.


The result of the album was amazing and the album has received great responses both in Europé & US. MV has toured both in Sweden and Germany and is now looking forward to an interesting future…


“The purpose with Majestic Vanguard is to present Jesus Christ to a fallen mankind. Too many voices in our time speak the false prophet’s words. It will all end up in misery. Jesus is the only way to God and through him we can all go free. Majestic Vanguard accepts that fact, and we are Gods respectful servants."


Line up

Samuel Fredén - Keyboards

Peter Sigfridsson - Vocals

Daniel Eskilsson - Drums

Andreas Andersson - Bass

Johan Abelson - Guitars



Beyond The Moon

RRCD024 (2005)


Track Listing

 1. One Journey - intro

2. The Great Eternity

3. Emotions Of A Picture

4. Beyond The Moon

5. Tears In Neverland

6. The Angels Dance - instrumental

7. Don't Want To Be An Actor

8. Take Me Home

9. Footprints

10. Mystic Eye