Essence Of Sorrow

One exciting group that deserves equal consideration, however, is Finland’s Essence Of Sorrow. 


Initially starting out as a side project of guitarist Jani Stefanovic (Divinefire, Miseration) but later turning into a full piece band. Essence Of Sorrow plays a combination of melodic metal and power metal with occasional progressive touches on its 2007 full length Rivel Records debut Reflections Of The Obscure.  What makes the album such a noteworthy effort are its catchy hooks, reflected in the solid melody structures the likes of “Hollow”, “The Mirror” and “Trail Of Tears” are built upon.  The faster and more aggressive sounds of “Essence Of Sorrow” and “Supreme Oppression”, on the other hand, also delivery an abundance of hooks while the progressive influenced “Mind Control” and “Ashes” hold up every bit as well. 


Lead vocal duties are shared by two equally able vocalist in Christian Palin (Random Eyes) and Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion, At Vance) Patrik Gardberg (Ammotrack) and Plec (Unmoored) make guest appearances on lead guitar, the two bringing out the best in “Essence Of Sorrow” and “Supreme Oppression” with their technical wizardry.  Mikko Härkin (Sonata Arctica, Symfonia & Mehida) provides for just the right amount of atmospheric touch on keyboards, while drummer Rolf Pilve (Dreamtale) rounds out the rhythm section with bassist Andreas Passmark (Royal Hunt,Narnia, Divinefire). 


Overall Essence Of Sorrow is a great melodic metal band and the album Reflections Of The Obscure should be in every collectors of metal!!!


Essence of Sorrow Line up

Christian Palin – Lead Vocals

Jani Stefanovic – Guitars

Timo Kuusjarvi – Guitars

Mikko Harkin – Keyboards

Rolf Pilve – Drums


Guest Musicians

Mats Levén – Lead Vocals

Patrik Gardberg - Guitars

Plec – Guitars

Andreas Passmark – Bass

Reflections Of The Obscure

RRCD031 (2007)

Track Listing:

 1.      Face Of Death

2.      Mind Control

3.      Essence Of Sorrow

4.      Hollow

5.      Supreme Oppression

6.      Ashes

7.      Mirror

8.      Trail Of Tears

9.      Come Serenity