Crimson Moonlight

In 2002 Crimson Moonlight signed a record deal with Rivel Records, a small Swedish label held by Christian Liljegren (former Rivel). Hubertus Liljegren ( Christian’s brother), formerly of the then-split-up group Sanctifica, along with Per Sundberg, joined Crimson Moonlight as guitarists.


In 2003, Crimson Moonlight recorded their first studio album titled The Covenant Progress. Musically, the album took a more melodic extreme metal direction with less emphasis on symphonic keyboards.


The album received positive reviews from metal music media, and by 2005 it had sold 2300 copies. During 2003 among the reviews one of the biggest metal magazines of the world Rock Hard in Germany gave the album 9,5 out of 10.


Crimson Moonlight played several tours around Europe to support The Covenant Progress.


In 2004, Crimson Moonlight recorded their second album titled Veil of Remembrance. The album showcased several changes in the band's style. During the studio sessions, Jani Stefanivic (of Divinefire, Renascent, and many other band's fame) was in Crimson Moonlight's line-up Veil of Remembrance was officially released on January 26, 2005


The album received positive reviews like its predecessor. They toured Europe again to support the album. At the end of 2004, they also released a compilation album titled Songs from the Archives, which included the Eternal Emperor EP, tracks from both albums, demo tracks, and live recordings.


Following this, the band went through some line-up changes in 2006. Both Hubertus Liljegren and Jani Stefanovic left, as did Erik Tordsson. Johan Ylenstrand joined as a bassist.


Crimson Moonlight members 2003-2005

Simon Rosén – Vocals

Gustav Elowson - Drums

Petter Stenmarker – Guitars & vocals

Hubertus Liljegren – Guitars & vocals

Jonathan Jansson – Bass & vocals

Per Sundberg – Guitars

Jani Stefaovic – Guitars

Erik Tordsson – Bass


The Covenant Progress

The Covenant Progress

RRCD006 (2003)


Track Listing

1. Mist of the Spiritual Dimension

2. The Pilgrimage

3. Path of Pain

4. Thy Wilderness

5. Eternal Emperor (revised version)

6. A Painting in Dark

7. Eyes of Beauty

8. A Thorn in My Heart

9. The Covenant


Songs From The Archives


Songs From The Archives RRCD013 (2003)


Track Listing

 1. Preludium

2. Where Darkness Cannot Reach

3. Symphony of Moonlight

4. Eternal Emperor

5. The Final Battle

6. Glorification of the Master of Light

7. From Death to Life

8. Alone in Silence

9. Skymingsljus

10. Ljuset

11. Eternal Emperor

12. Postludium

13. Fullmanen Skola Vandas Uti Blod

14. Blood Covered My Needs

15. Your Face

16. Touch of Emptiness

17. ...And Thus Rejoice

18. A Thorn in My Heart

19. The Pilgrimage

20. A Painting in Dark


Veil Of Remembrance

Veil Of Remembrance

RRCD022 (2005)


Track Listing

1. Intimations of Everlasting Constancy

2. Painful Mind Contradiction

3. Embraced by the Beauty of Cold

4. The Echoes of Thought

5. My Grief, My Remembrance

6. The Cold Grip of Terror

7. Illusion Was True Beauty

8. Contemplations Along the Way

9. Reflections Upon the Distress and Agony of Faith