Swedish Hitz Goes Metal

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal happened when Doolittle Group, stumbled across one of Tommy ReinXeed's interpretations of Abba on YouTube.


We simply called Tommy up, explained the concept and there was an instant 'go' for the project. Soon enough the album was done, containing songs from Roxette, Abba and Ace of Base.


– I thought it was about time to hear the songs in the way they should have sounded from the beginning, Tommy says with a grin. Of course it is said with alot of love towards the music, he explains


– In fact, this is a 'labour of love' project, rather than a career-jump. – It doesn't sound like the other things I do, but the songs are really great and I have had so much fun recording this album.


The album has got success in Japan


Tommy will travel with a 5-piece band performing the album and songs live. A lot of festivals are already confirmed. – I believe there will be a lot of pyrotechnique and hopefully quite a few 'sing-a-long' moments for the crowd, Tommy ends.

Swedish Hitz Goes Metal

DOOCD003 (2011)

01.Mamma Mia

02.The Look

03.Money Mone Money

04. The Sign

05. Summer Night City 06. All That She Wants 07. Super Trouper

08. Joyride

09. Intermezzo No 1

10. Sleeping In My Car

11. The Winner Takes It All

12. Beautiful Life

13. Lay All Your Love On Me

14.  Listen To Your Heart