Mercury Fang

Mercury Fang is a great classic hardrock band from Sweden. Powerful compositions in 70-80’s kind of hardrock and metal. If you are into band like MSG, Whitesnake and Van Halen. Their two albums Liqiud Sunshine & Ignition are really rocking hard. Great composing and great musicianship!!!


The great productions are handled by Pontus Norgren ( Great King Rat, ex. Talisman) and Mats Ågren (Ex. live drummer of Glenn Hughes). They have also guestwork on backing vocals by the band House Of Shakira. Their albums are really worth to get hold of if you are into classic hardrock!


Each member contributes to the song writing as well as to the unique sound that comes from allowing a wide range of influences.


The band has now changed it’s name to MISTH and have the great female Maria Radsten (One More Time) fronting the band.

MISTH debut album will see the light in a near future.



Line Up:

Fredrik Glimbrand - Lead Vocals & Guitars

Håkan Granat - Guitars

Jörgen Schelander - Keyboards

Olle Bodén - Bass

Ken Savefjord – Drums



RRCD008 (2003)


Track listing:

1. Hello/Goodbye

2. Chains Around My Heart

3. Danger Zone

4. Last Son

5. Come To Me

6. I made up My Mind

7. Invisible Crime

8. Voice Left Unheard

9. Lesson

10. I Believe

11. On The Moon

12. Direction

13. You Need My Love

14. Daddy’s Home



RRCD024 (2007)


Track listing

1. Down the drain

2. Revelation

3. Fly away

4. By you, by them, by anyone

5. Crossfire

6. I´m on fire

7. Heading out for love

8. Time to sail away

9. She´s just like a devil

10. Stand your ground

11. Run for you

12. Way out of line