Pantokrator was originally formed in autumn 1996. Their first gig was planned before they actually had written any songs. The line-up wasn't complete until just shortly before the gig. They started by playing covers by Tourniquet and Mortification. They also wrote a few songs of their own.


2001- In March Pantokrator made an appreciated concert on the christian Swedish metal festival called "Bobfest". They also appeared on national TV in a short report from this festival. "Songs Of Solomon" was later released as a self-financed CD-EP. It received good response from media. Now things started to move. "Songs Of Solomon" was also released as a split-CD together with Santifica's "In the Bleak Midwinter" as a result of their contacts with "CL music & publishing" (Rivel Records). They also appeared on a compilation-CD (and Video) "Power from the sky".


2003- Once again Pantokrator played on "Bobfest", which also was the release-gig for "Blod". "Blod" recieved great responce from media. For example "The Scandinavian music and media magazine MONSTER" who gave it 4/5 and German magazine "Rock hard", 7/10.


Line Up

Karl Walfridsson - Vocals, lyrics, symbols

Mattias Johansson – Guitars

Rickard Gustafsson – Drums

Jonas Wallinder - Bass guitar, violin

In The Bleak Midwinter / Songs Of Solomon

CLCD004 (2001)


Track listing:

Sanctifica - In The Bleak Midwinter:

1. Intro

2. Burial Of The Grave

3. Blind For Reality

4. In The Bleak Midwinter

5. Sacrifice To Life

6. King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords


Pantokrator - Songs Of Solomon:

7. Ur Intets Mörker

8. Divine Light

9. Under Himmelen

10. Come Let Us Flee

11. Separated By Night

12. Behind Thy Veil


RRCD005 (2003)


Track listing

1. Eden

2. Förbannad Mark

3. Blod Ropar Från Jorden

4. Syndafloden

5. Bundsförvant

6. Moria Kallar

7. Tidevarv

8. O Guds Lamm

9. Gudablodets Kraft

10. Evighetens Gryning