DIVINEFIRE was formed in 2004 by Finnish composer, guitarist and drummer, Jani Stefanovic (Am I Blood, Sins of Omission, Renascent, Essence Of Sorrow, Miseration. The Weakening) and vocalist Christian Liljegren (Golden Resurrection, Narnia, Audiovision). They also added bass player Andreas Passmark (Royal Hunt, Narnia, Rob Rock & Stormwind, these members will be the holy trinity of DIVINEFIRE.


DIVINEFIRE’s debut album GLORY THY NAME released in December 2004 was very well received worldwide and the band has created a unique style of metal.

In October 2005 they did a well received JAPANESE tour to push their 2album HERO together with Italian metal bands VISION DIVINE & SKYLARK. The deal with King Records in Japan went great and now seven years later DIVINEFIRE and KING RECORDS still have a good cooperation together and the support from Japanese fans.


DIVINEFIRE combines the heaviness from the more melodic extreme metal with the melodies from the symphonic style of hardrock/metal while also blending in beautiful vocal harmonies. The result has been a tremendous mix and it takes the listener on an illustrious adventure and celebrated musical journey and DIVINEFIRE have now delivered incredible studio albums GLORY THY NAME, HERO, INTO A NEW DIMENSION FAREWELL and now the 5th studio album EYE OF THE STORM. The big change happen in 2009 when bassplayer Andreas Passmark left the band and DIVINEFIRE and also marked a new era for DIVINEFIRE.


German Pascual joined the band on vocals. He did the vocals on NARNIA’s latest release CURSE OF A GENERATION. The mix of Christian’s & German’s voices blends perfect and also Jani do some small lead vocal parts on the song HOLD ON. The sound on EYE OF THE STORM is very powerful, majestic & melodic metal at it’s best. The album is produced by Jani Stefanovic and The production in warmer but still very heavy and powerful. The band has also done some new recordings 2011 of their biggest hits THE WORLD’S ON FIRE & NEVER SURRENDER and The DIVINEFIRE fans will not be disappointed they will get all typical DIVINEFIRE elements. Big bombastic sound with lots of symphonic elements mixed with extreme metal. The wait it now over and all DIVINEFIRE fans can ve very happy.


Featuring great guestsplaying on the DIVINEFIRE albums:

Pontus Norgren (HAMMERFALL)

Markus Sigfridsson (7Days, Harmony & Dark Water)

CJ Grimmark (Narnia, ROB ROCK & FULL FORCE)


Andreas Passmark (ROYAL HUNT & NARNIA) Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine)

Mikko Härkin (Symfonia, Sonata Arctica,Mehida)




Christian Liljegren – Vocals

 German Pascual – Vocals

 Jani Stefanovic – Guitars, Bass, Drums & Orchestration



Glory Thy Name


RRCD020 (2005)


Track listing

1. From Death To Life

2. The Worlds On Fire

3. Never Surrender

4. The Sign

5. Out Of The Darkness

6. Pay It Forward

7. Live My Life For You

8. The Spirit

9. The Way To Eternity




RRCD025 (2005)


Track listing

1. Resurrection

2. Secret Weapon

3. Divinefire

4. Hero

5. United As One

6. Leaving The Shadows

7. Open Your Eyes

8. New Beginning

9. Cryptic Passages

10. The Show Must Go On (Queen Cover)

Into A New Dimension


RRCD029 (2006)

Track listing

1. Vision Of The New Dawn

2. Passion & Fire

3. Times Running Out

4. Into A New Dimension

5. Facing The Liar

6. Live Or Die

7. Alive

8. All For One

9. The Final Victory

10. The Last Encore

11. Free Like An Eagle

(Talk Of The Town cover)




RRCD037 (2008)


Track listing

1. Calling The World

2. Unity

3. You’ll Never Walk Away

4. Pass The Flame

5. Grow And Follow

6. My Roots Are Strong In You

7. King Of Kings

8. Heal Me

9. Farewell


Eye Of The Storm


LRCD005 (2011)


Track listing

1. Time For Salvation

2. Hold On

3. Unchain My Soul

4. Bright Morning Star

5. To Love And Forgive

6. Even At My Lowest Point

7. Send Me Out

8. Masters & Slaves

9. The Worlds On Fire (2011 version)

10.Never Surrender (2011 version)

11. Masquerade

12. Close To The Fire