Happy Unemployed

Rock 'n' Roll - you gotta love it!

Take a minute to think about it...
All the times you heard a band for the first time and you just felt like...
well, like you couldn't sit still!

It's not about lyrics that you suddenly feel apply to your entire existance,
or an amazing production that has that sound you always looked for; 
it's about the mindless possession of that stinkin' ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! 
Some bands have it, but unfortunatly most don't! That's one of the reasons why you
cherish those few bands that do have it, and hate so bad when they grow up and lose it!

Happy Unemployed may have a slackername, but when it comes to music
there is nothing even remotely lazy about them. 
They thrash out their punkrawk like there's no tomorrow!

It takes a very special mindset to play like this and it puts the listener
in a very special mood. While most bands seem to strive for turning their 
audience into "Night of the Living Dead", while bands like Happy Unemployed have 
the urge to turn people into deranged grizzlybears or something.

Check out their brand new red 7" on Swedens famous SOULSCAPE RECORDS,
with four raw tracks showing the best side of the Swedish underground.

The people of the Swedish national radioshow "Musik Journalen" have seen the 
light and keep playing it, now it's your turn, sisters and brothers....



A1 Carrotcake

A2 Rupert Lloyd

B1 Follow

B2 Strip Off