My Endless Wishes

My Endless Wishes - a great new christian hardrock act with female vocalist Frida Viberg in the front.

Their song "Never Walk Alone" was released on a compilation CD called "Ultrapop Overdose" in USA back in 2008.

Their music is very melodic and therefore reaches out to a wide audience.


2006 and 2008 My Endless Wishes played on the huge Upfest Festival in Ukraine, and they performe everywhere. Churches, undergroud clubs and all sorts of festivals. For example, the well known Frizon in Sweden.


"Our strenght is our ambitions  and our possitive message. Music is a big part of our lives and our goal is to reach out to the people with our message and our music" - My Endless Wishes

The band got in contact with Doolittle Group during 2012 and the new album has been recorded with the producer Frippe Eliasson who also worked with mixing the album.

Their new album will be released in 2013 and if you ever get the opportunity to see this great hardrock act live, do it!

(DOOCD008) 2013



1. Follow The Light

2. Cry For Deliverence

3. A Part Of Me

4. Lost Without You

5. Angel

6. Waiting For A Sing

7. Paradise

8. Searching For A Hero

9. Before I Say Goodbye

10. Stronger

11. Silent Tears

12. Once Again